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In that Tom Jones shake, rattle and roll fashion (fused with psychedelic soul funk swagger) the boys from Spill the Wine Band took The Joint by storm! The Joint was jammed packed from one end to the other. I felt an immediate mega-rush of energy from the moment I opened the doors and walked into the place.

Basically Spill the Wine Band is a rock, funk and soul band with a multi-genre repertoire that is a rewind in sound of familiar tunes & moments in time, that are perfect to dance to and a whole bunch of fun! The era of the 1970s and 80s were where some of the most impacting musical changes occurred. The soul, rhythm and blues and rock dance tunes of this era were the basis of all dance music of eras to follow. There will never be another era like it. The boys of Spill the Wine Band’s sound is reminiscent of this most fertile of musical eras and their performance definitely transports you to this magical place in time.
Carl Driggs (also performing as Carlo Driggs) is a lead-singer / percussionist most active in the 70s and 80s, born in Cuba raise in the USA from his teens onward. He was member of Kracker and Foxy and in recent years singing for Paul Revere & The Raiders until about 2008. He co-wrote one of the biggest disco hits of all time together with Ish "Angel" Ledesma, Foxy's: Get Off
Victor Angulo & Guillermo “Guille” Millares were smoking hot on lead guitars. Both Victor & Guille are ultimate technicians of the six-string. Victor Angulo, in particular, comes from a family of very talented musicians, The Angulo Brothers, who were in the audience to enjoy Victor’s fantastic performance. Victor & Guille’s rhythmic guitar sound kept the crowd on its feet, literally, the entire night. They particularly shined on the band’s interpretation of The Doobie Brothers, “Long Train Running” and Chicago’s “It’s Only the Beginning”.
Guille was funky, energetic and interacted with the crowd. He really gets them going when the band performs Sly & the Family Stone’s “Dance to the Music” a very original and special musical arrangement, that makes the song the band’s own. The song is in essence a medley that incorporates “I Want to Take You Higher”, also by Sly & the Family Stone, where the entire crowd raises their hands up in the air to clap along with the song and the boys, but most particularly with Guille, who was on fire this night. It’s one of the most impacting performances of the band’s show! In this interpretation, all of the band’s musicians perform solos to show off their fantastic talent.
Pepe Eskert’s, bass, percussive sound fuels the bands fantastic dance repertoire. Pepe’s funkadelic and psyched up bass groove was thunderous, particularly in the group’s rendition of War’s “Spill the Wine” (for which the group is named). His bass rhythm was superbly fantastic, with an upbeat vibe. Pepe truly dominates the bass and is a talented guitar player. Terrific groove! (BTW, being that the band’s performance was within a couple of days of the anniversary of John Lennon’s death, Pepe wore an amazing t-shirt with a photo of John Lennon playing the piano in tribute to the Beatles legend).
Gaby Sanchez on drums, is a stick master! Gabys musicianship only underlies what a powerfully talented group of musicians Spill the Wine Band are. His drumming is magnificent and his percussive fists hammer out the direction for the band’s repertoire. The fans were lifted to greater heights as they marveled at Gaby’s dominance of the sticks. He is the perfect timekeeper and a super funk-rock star! Gaby is the man behind the beat of this great “funk-soul” band. He has a rhythmic pulse throughout, that conveys & inspires. Gaby plays beyond good, he is exceptional!
Bob Platts on keyboard was vigorous & exciting to watch. Bob’s digits flying over the keys were a delight to listen to and watch. A slick piano player and keys master, his technique commands respect, particularly on his rendition of Billy Joel’s, You May Be Right. He is incredibly skillful and tenacious. His playing adds all the right touches to the bands songs. Bob is the Boogie Woogie Piano Man and had us jumping, rocking & rolling throughout the whole night! Awesome!
Alex Remos, lead vocalist and congas, performance was outstanding! Alex has a golden voice, which is just bursting with song. He has that extra little zing, that indefinable chemistry, that had the fans energized, particularly in his interpretations of Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” (for a moment I could have sworn I saw an undergarment flying across the room towards Alex, LOL!!), and The Doobie Brothers classic, “Long Train Running”. Raw and emotional, Alex’s resonant vocals took the audience on a powerful funkadelic rock journey. Simply brilliant!

Spill the Wine Band recently released a CD of original compositions. They performed a fantastic rendition of their song “Communication”, that the audience enjoyed tremendously. I have listened to the entire CD, which is fantastic and a must add to any CD collection. The video below previews the original material on their new CD. Great job, wonderful tunes!

Funk, Soul & Rock n Roll definitely live in Miami, thanks to the many wonderful musicians who continue to love the genre, and who with love & dedication, bring forth performances such as Spill the Wine Band’s this evening. Special Thanks to Gaby Sanchez and Pepe & Luly Eskert for their hospitality & courtesies. Look forward to their next fun loving jam! Connect with Spill The Wine Band on Facebook. Click here to LIKE their Facebook page and follow the band’s performances.

By: Maria Tojeiro Gonzalez